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personnel, ready for this event. we have snipers on the roofs. we have biological and chemical units prepared to deal with whatever comes up. we have a high degree of surveillance. satellites zooming in on the mall, as well as hundreds of surveillance cameras, to watch potential suspects. as one official told me last night, we have no specific threat. but we have to be ready for anything, george. >> and i know they've been preparing for this for a year. they've been locking the buildings on the parade route. they've been locking the garbage cans on the parade route. repaved the road. they are taking no chances. we have an incredible team of presidential savvy with us this morning. i want a quick word from two of them sitting with us here. let's start with matthew dowd, contributor to abc news. you have contributed to a combine, as well. both sides of the aisle. what does it take for a president to take a second inauguration and make it soaring? >> well, it's a much different situation when you go from the first to the second. the first one, everybody's filled with hope. we can make c
. and the united states strongly condemns these kinds of terrorist acts. it is a very serious matter when americans are taken hostage along with others. >> reporter: it all began when 20 armed islamic militants, believed to be affiliated with al qaeda, approached a group of oil workers. the attackers were reportedly heavily armed, driving in three unmarked vehicles. the oil workers were on a bus headed to a nearby airport. there was a fight -- security forces for the workers battled back. when the smoke cleared, at least one foreign worker was dead, others wounded. the terrorists then headed to the compound where the gas refinery workers live. while it is unclear how many foreign workers they seized, sources say it could be as many as 15 to 20. along with the americans, there are british, norwegian, french and japanese workers, too. the attackers claim this is retaliation for the french-led invasion in the african nation of mali. the french are trying to stop an al qaeda-linked group from taking over that country. algerian troops have now surrounded the gas field where the hostages are being held,
the prince will yamd serve as a rescue pilot. his unit got call 15 minutes into the new year to help find a man that was swept to sea while walking his dog on a pier in england. the chopper crew braved 50 mile-an-hour winds. >> at least make a difference to someone. they are in trouble, you try to get there. >> his wife was celebrating with her family and they eventually called off the search for the man. >>> viewers are amazed at hannah's come back at rose parade. it was a few weeks she was severely burned at her home. >> on december 11th, espn she was making dinner at her home. she lifted the burners on pro obtain gear and the wind had blown out the fire. >> so i turned the gas off. i went to re-ignite and there was an explosion. >> hannah told the story on gma today. co-hosting the event was first time back. she suffered first-degree burns on her neck and face and second-degree burns on her injured left hand. it also singed her hair. >> i spent an hour in makeup and i have false eyelashes. this is all fake hair. as the hard road for burn victims. i was by far the most fortunate person
in a small explosion inside an apartment on campus. several units have been evacuated. investigators found chemicals in one unit. police say they do not know what the researcher was doing. new this morning, a blow to boeing airlines that fly the new boeing 787 dreamliner which were grounded overnight. they had to scramble to rebook thousands. unite was the only carrier in the united states to book the plane, airlines in india, and qatar, and japan and ethiopia have grounded the jets. the dreamliners were ground over flaws that could cause fires. officials are investigating battery-related problems following the emergency landing of an ana dreamliner in japan on tuesday. now the airline has put on hold the service to san jose that launched only last week. >> it is one of the most bizarre stories to hit sporting world in years. an all american football player is the victim of a cruel hoax involving a girlfriend who never existed. that player is manti te'o of the university of notre dame. he said yesterday he was the victim of a sick joke and the woman he thought he had an online relationship
that somewhere halfway around the world she simply vanished. >> i called united airlines. they stated that she didn't board the flight. >> reporter: tonight her husband steven is caught up in a gut wrenching global missing persons case. >> you know, you have so many thoughts going through your mind. you don't know what to think. you don't know what to believe. you don't know what to expect, what's going to come out of this. >> reporter: it was a dream vacation she planned with a friend who dropped out at the last minute. her family says she had every reason to come home. she even cut her trip short because she missed her 11 and 9-year-old sons and she was eager to register for classes at a local college. >> i've been married to her for 14 years and my love for her is deeper than for any other individual. >> reporter: tonight these grainy surveillance videos could be the best lead investigators have as they scan for clues to the 33-year-old mom's disappearance. nothing seems amiss as she walks around a mall, eats alone in a food court. eerie images taken a day before she lost touch. >> was she
>> the total number of hostages is unclear, a senior official says united states citizens were taken, as well, into activity. >> in order to protect their safety i will not get into numbers or films. >> 20 militants approached the oil workers armed and driving in three unmarked vehicles. the workers were on a bus headed to an airport. fighting erupted between the workers and the militants and one phone worker was killed and others wounded. the terrorist then headed to the compound where the gas refinery workers live along with the americans, the mill -- militanted kid named french and japanese and other workers. they are linked to a series of kidnapping of foreign nationals for ransom in north africa. this was in retaliation for the french led investigation in mali trying to stop al qaeda group from taking over the nation. >> officials believe the attack was too well organized to have been plans after the french invasion. reporting live in washington for abc7 news. >> there is a long history with france and algeria and in north africa. >> guess what? another "spare the air" tod
and the senate and the president of the united states don't want to cut any spending of any consequence. they don't want to do anything on the entitlement side. you know, 60% of what we spend every year is interest on the national debt and very popular entitlement programs. until we address the entitlement programs and make the eligibility for entitlements meet the demographics of our country, we can't ever solve this problem. if we want to have the kind of country for our children and grandchildren that our parents left behind for us, the time to do that is now. ironically divided government is the perfect time to do it because you can pull both sides together and do things that need to be done for the future, and the american people will understand since you did it together, it was absolutely necessary. >> it does seem difficult. i want to turn to another issue. there are reports this week that president obama may nominate your former colleague chuck hagel for defense secretary as early as tomorrow. when senator hagel left the senate in 2008, you praised his clear voice and stature on foreign p
the united states. we have achieved that goal. we are in the process of achieving that goal. >> he said we're in the process of achieving that goal. is he right about that and is it sustainable after 2014? >> the short answer is no. what we started in afghanistan after 9/11 was a warranted war of necessity. we expanded it over the years, particularly under president obama in 2009 when we tripled our forces and we decided to go after the taliban, essentially join afghanistan's civil war and nation build. the idea that we're going to be able to leave behind a self-sustaining capable afghanistan able to for a government to keep control of its territory, we're not going to be able to do it. it was a mistake to try. we won't achieve that result. essentially what we'll fall back to is what we could have years ago, a limited mission with trainers and advisers on the ground and when we have to, we'll send in special forces or drones to deal with if there are, for example, remnants of al qaeda who move back into the country. >> the president that wants to run the pentagon, chuck hagel, former senat
but today a special unit made a stop in a train station in the east bay. it's a story you'll see only on abc 7 news. laura anthony sl live tonight. laura? >> hi, carolyn, tsa out here earl tli morning and a surprise visit of sorts. the spokesman likely to send set up a dui check point saying if quote, bad guys know tsa might be here, they might decide not to launch an attack on amtrak. they're part of a special unit of the viper team. viper stands for visible intermodal prevention and response, we've learned their -- blurred their faces because some also work under cover. >> this morning there is a visible deterrent if anyone thinks about maybe wanting to do something to amtrak or rails we're herement it's unpredictable. >> in this case, the tsa works with amtrak police officers to make a sweep of the train. the unit will look for signs of trouble this is more about being seen. at least once in a while, by those who travel on amtrak. >> think should know we're out there looking at rail safety and we're trying to make sure everyone remains vij lebt. >> never times they'll randomly screen lugg
is here at st. francis in the burn unit. our mother is numb, and still in shock. >> last thing she said to me was mama, can you help me? hold me. he did this to me. >> anita parker says she's been unable to sleep since sunday, her daughter st lamar was burned almost beyond recognition. this was her smoldering sweater on the ground on third street. police say the 25-year-old mother of three was doused with gasoline, then, set on fire by her boyfriend, after an argument at this laundromat. >> i want to be face-to-face with him to hear what -- i want to say to him why he put me through this. why he put her through this? her kids through this? >> 22-year-old dexter oliver is in custody, facing charges of attempted murder and arson. the family tells us they learned he has a criminal history, including domestic violence. >> i feel like i sudden have done something. this is just signs he had, he would have done it sooner or late year oliver is being held in the medical psychiatric unit in county jail, scheduled to be rained to. a law enforcement source tells abc 7 news he has an arrest record
ban on adoptions. the kremlin says a deal with the united states will remain valid until 2014 despite a new law. president putin signed the bill in response to a u.s. anticorruption measure, and 1,500 adoptions were threatened but the old adoption agreement remains in effect for one year after either party cancels it which russia did last year. >> if pakistan -- in pakistan the biggest city is on high alert after 115 were left dead in bombings. there are searches on vehicles in the capital after militants claimed responsibility for a bombing at a packed pool hall. another bombing that targeted paramilitary soldiers where there is a large shia community and people are wanted to keep an eye out for anything suspicious. >> president obama welcomes afghan president karzai to the white house this morning to discuss the future of the united states role in afghanistan. he made the rounds in washington yesterday attending a working dinner with secretary of state hillary clinton and he visited the pentagon where he was greeted by defense secretary panetta and other top military officials. sour
village mobile home park. firefighters found one unit fully involved in flames. the man inside got out safely. the unit was destroyed. >> complaints of eye and throat irritation brought out san jose's hazmat crew to the hilton hotel. 13 guests and staff members were treated. the problem was on the hotel's 18th floor. the odor went away on its own. >> still to come on abc7 news at 6:00, an outage at a very bad time. the bay area senior center that has been without hot water for days. >> a popular piece pizza place hit with major fine. >> the oscar battle >>> a popular pete a restaurant in san francisco has been hit for a fine with knopp compliance with the universal health law. paxti's chicago pizza will pay $320,000 in a settlement. the money provide health care benefits for their current and former employees. the city puts a 4% surcharge on customers checks. the restaurant did not use the money collected for its stated purpose. >> president barack obama will be sworn into his second term in office a week from tomorrow. he is wasting no time working on big legislation which could defin
there are a growing number of americans living right here in the united states who insist that federal laws do not apply to them. including the 22-year-old who showed abc's dan harris the radical lengths he's willing to go to to fend off uncle sam. >> i'm going to go in and speak with the prosecutor. >> reporter: it's 8:20 on a monday morning at the county courthouse in idaho, and the 21-year-old operating this video camera is trying to bring it into the courtroom where he's contesting a minor ticket. >> i don't know what the held law book you're reading, man, but it doesn't apply to me. >> reporter: watch what happens next. i'm going in. >> no, you're not going in. >> don't touch me. >> you're not going in, sir. >> let the record show that you just battered me and -- >> step back. >> you're using. oh! stop, please. i'm not doing anything wrong! >> reporter: his name is robert peterson, and he says getting tased is a small price to pay for his belief that the american government has no authority over him. >> reporter: what do you use it for? >> just target shooting right now. i haven't had to
your gift cards. >> if first you don't suck side, try, try again. united tried to raise ticket prisz for the second time this year. first attempt on january 3 when they were paid up to $5 each way. other carrier dz not follow suit. united brought it fares back down, well, today, it's trying again this, time raising fares up $5 but $10 each way. saying it has nothing to do with the grounding of the boeing dream liner jets. you may remember, united owns six of those, thieves are stealing money off guards. the sheriff's department posted this video on facebook. warning that this fraud son the rise, thieves can scan a bar code. once the loading with money they use a copy to buy merchandise. >> this gift card has been tampered wchl the bar code, changed. the santa cruz county sheriff's office recommends get a card with a secure backing. that way, you're in the giving your money to a thief. >> subway, subway. when someone tells you a foot long sandwich you probably don't expect to get an 11 inch one. that is what this man says he gt. the man posted a picture of the sandwich next to a ruler
powerful if the president and key republicans had a united front? >> well, george, this process will begin shortly. another effort here to finally get immigration reform and at that point i think you'll see us working with democrats and republicans, people outside of washington, there's a huge consensus in the business community, in the faith community for immigration reform. so, yeah, our hope is that we can do this. maybe this is an issue that doesn't have to be as hard as it should -- as it needs to be. should be something where there seems to be a consensus in the country. i think there is a political necessity for the republican party to do this and we believe it's the right thing to do for our country and our economy. >> i know you want to put the weight of the president's campaign behind all these issues, new organization, organizing for action, a new political action committee. unlimited donations from corporations, but the president will disclose all donors. >> yes, we will voluntarily disclose all donors and we're very excited. the people who made the president's campaign in both
the united states. and certain cities were really feeling the heat. preliminary data from the national weather service found that at least 30 major cities have broken or tied their previous record last year. they include dallas, houston, detroit, st. louis and chicago. >>> time, now, for the weather across the nation. light snow from the dakotas across the great lakes. showers and thunderstorms from southern texas to jacksonville, savannah and charleston. south carolina has the coldest morning in the northeast. >> new york and boston, doesn't even warm up to the freezing mark. mostly 20s from detroit to fargo. >> miami. >>> coming up, the richest of the rich. new names topping a list of the world's billionaires. >>> plus, apple's elves hard at work. signs of an all-new iphone after the start of the year. >>> and espn's hannah storm i'm only in my 60's... i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers a
spots where shoot shootings occurred. he reassigned hundreds to the narcics unit. drug-related homicides dropped more than 90%. >> we ree dus it by controlling illegal behavior. if you change the behavior. you effectively reduce the amount of crime and number of people committing crimes. >> one of the crime fighting tools is a controversial stop and frisk. a tactic that is fueled anger among many residents, afraid it will result in racial profiling. in york during bratton's tenure there are 700,000 stop and frisk incidents a year. he blames it on police department that's have been using the practice inappropriately. >> the tools given to work with have you to use them legally. constitutionally. have you to use them compassionately. >> a center piece of the strategy will be the computer crime tracking system he helped develop. enabling brass to track in realtime frequency of crimes how effectively it's handling that louing to mobilize forces to a hot spot and stuff it out before it escalates. >> you can see accountability as to what is going on. >> there is a central part of the pol
threat directly aimed at the united states. north korea, the secretive nation, with its mysterious young dictator, announcing they will test their nuclear powers and saying they will put america on notice. let's bring in our chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz right now to tell us how serious this new aggression is. martha? >> reporter: diane, the u.s. is warning north korea not to try another nuclear test, saying it would be a mistake and needlessly provocative. but those warnings seem only to have provoked the new, young leader even more. if there was any hope that kim jong-un would be less threatening and dangerous than his late father, those hopes are now dashed. the 20-something leader appears to relish his new role, now directly challenging the united states. the reclusive nation warning the world that it will soon test a nuclear weapon, long range rockets, one after another. today, vowing that the target of its missiles and nuclear aggression, america. their sworn enemy. >> he's trying to show he can't be pushed around. >> reporter: tonight, deep inside the iso
chief who now heads on to piedmont police force. >> the flu is now wide-spread in the united states and still increasing in california. many hospitals are overwhelmed. the vaccine is harder to come by and schools are starting to close. now live from washington, dc, with the latest. >> good morning, kristen, this is the fierce of the outbreaks in years across the country, hospitals are overwhelmed and farm sits are having a hard time keeping up with drug orders. >> from coast to coast americans are waging a losing battle against the nasty flu strain. doctors overrun with patients are running low on flu shots and tests as the virus spreads. >> we are all overwhelmed, not only the practitioners but the caregivers in general. >> 128 million vaccine doses have been distributed nationwide but clinics can not keep up with the demand and pharmacists are struggling to fill prescriptions. >> we get 24 boxes of the capsules but 40 or 50 prescriptions each day. >> at a hospital in boston, it is all hands on deck in the fight against the flu. >> it will take you 2 or 3 weeks to feel good again.
memorial hospital. it is the oldest burn unit west of the mississippi. >> the first 36 hours are -- or so we are giving massive volumes of fluid. it is not unusual to give one or two liters of fluid per hour. >> he could not address this specific case, but pain is managed with morphine and patients are kept as comfortable as possible during their treatment. he also says that burns to the face typically require about a seven-day hospital stay, but we don't know the severity of burns or if she sustained any other injuries. the last information we have is that they are still searching for derrick oliver -- dexter oliver, reporting reporting live, thomas roman, abc7 news. >> thank you, thomas. and stay with abc news on thelar latest for the search for the suspect. we will have updates on our website and the abc morning news at 4:30. >>> not too far scene that scene two people were arrested after two cars were set on fire. just before 5:00 this evening in the bay view district witness saws a woman set her boyfriend's car and van on fire. witnesses said the woman came home and found her boyfri
. pc aels fell nearly 9% to just over 90 million units as windows 8 did little to boost the sector. >> it appears layoffs are coming to hp. >> nominee unit. some employees will lose jobs as hp makes changes to bismts hp reportedly ramping up research and development spending and is also trying to tie a new product to hp printing and personal systems businesses. taking a look at broader market, stocks ended the day mixed and little changed. dell's rally on talks offset a slump in apple. your bloomberg silicon valley index closed low yes, apple, google and ebay were some of the drags there. a source tells bloomberg west twitter is in no rush to go public but is staying on top of the market. the source tells us that twitter has plenty of cash and that an ipo would depend on market conditions and other factors, so far no, bankers have been hired. the news as twitter board gets ready to meet in a couple weeks. at bloomberg studios in san francisco, i'm emily chang. larry, carolyn, back to you. >> thank you. >> general motors proving everything is old is new again, rolling out it's new c
police. the suspect ran down pavin drive after the ordeal. several police units responded and searched the area without success. he is described as a hispanic male, twenty to 30 years old red baseball cap, blue jeans a white or light t-shirt with yellow stripes. the mother told police that the suspect smelled of motor oil. thousand, we talked to the folks off camera and the little girl is actually uninjured and now recovering. san jose police are asking anyone with information to give them a call. live in san jose, thomas roman, abc news. >> thank you. >>> we are also following developing news in san jose where a broken streetlight may have been a factor in a crash involving a truck and two children on their bicycles. sky 7hd was on the scene moments after the east gate avenue. the children were both taken to the hospital and they are expected to be okay. the truck driver cooperated with police and was not charged. >>> in oakland tonight the city is getting closer to high level help to fight violent crime. the first step was taken toward hiring a police consult at the present time with
police state in the united states. >> all i'm calling for is a real investigation and the people of oklahoma city have been calling for an investigation. >> reporter: jones, who's 38, got his start with a local cable access show in the 1990s. he now has a huge fan base, which at various times has included celebrities like willy nelson, jesse ventura, charlie sheen. >> we want our nation back and we're calling on each and every american citizen to stand up and demand the truth. >> reporter: and reality stars spencer pratt and heidi montag. >> spencer pratt, good to have you on with us today. >> thank you so much. i'm so honored to be on with you. you are a true legend, a true american patriot. >> look in the mirror. >> reporter: he does have vociferous visitics, including experts who monitor hate groups who worry about his influence during a tough time in america. however, jones sometimes seems to latch on to small pieces of information to prove his much larger, more sinister theories. for example, while we're here, he says this about an article he found on >> and they re
ran down pavin drive after the ordeal. several police units responded and searched the area without success. he is described as a hispanic male, twenty to 30 years old red baseball cap, blue jeans a white or light t-shirt with yellow stripes. the mother told police that the suspect smelled of motor oil.ousand, thousand, we talked to the folks off camera and the little girl is actually uninjured and now recovering. san jose police are asking anyone with information to give them a call. live in san jose, thomas roman, abc news. >> thank you. >>> we are also following developing news in san jose where a broken streetlight may have been a factor in a crash involving a truck and two children on their bicycles. sky 7hd was on the scene moments after the east gate avenue. the children were both taken to the hospital and they are expected to be okay. the truck driver cooperated with police and was not charged. >>> in oakland tonight the city is getting closer to high level help to fight violent crime. the first step was taken toward hiring a police consult at the present time with a -- cons
victims. i was by far the most fortunate person in my burn unit. >> my goodness. well she plans to use her ordeal to talk to people on how to operate propane gas grills safely. >>> stanford football fans are celebrating the tomb's first rose bowl vic -- the team's first rose bowl victory in years. they were cheering on the cardinals from the patio sports bar and grill. mike shumann has more from the rose bowl in pasadena. >> they call her the grand daddy of them all, and rightfully so in this the 99th version of the rose bowl pitting stanford and wisconsin. these fans have different opinions about their schools and tailgating. >> brain yaks versus boozers. >> nerds against curds. that's how we are looking at it. >> they have crackers and we have sausage and beer. >> more sophisticated. better fans. >> and the striped pants. we don't want any of that. >> the stripes is actually, they have been going to badger games since 1940. >> is this what they wear when they pick up trash in wisconsin? >> if it gets a victory, then yes. >> this is wisconsin's third straight rose bowl, but they lost the
during bad visibility. >> you go to shop for bananas and realize the united states doesn't grow bananas, how do we get them there. we want to keep commerce flowing but we want to be very, very cautious. >> cheryl: the accident did not cause structural damage to that tower. >>> the cayman that was guarding a marijuana stash in the east bay was quite ill and died shortly after being rescued. nick smith joins us where the suspect heard the charges he faces. >> good afternoon, deputies trained for every kind of situation and they have seen a lot, but they say nothing could have prepared for mr. teeth. >> this is mr. teeth. the photo provided by the alameda's sheriff's department is the alligator type reptile being kept by this man. he made his first court appearance today to face charges that he possessed marijuana with intent to sell. on tuesday mayer was arrested in the home he rents in castro valley. officials conducting a probation check found mayer and dry processed marijuana and five foot reptile. >> it was situated where the product was stored. they thought it was fake until it start
. >> technology has not been good for the united states postal service. >> no. cory johnson with that story and more in today's after the bell report. hi, cory. >> good afternoon. the government's investigation of google has come to an end. google and and z.fcc reaching an agreement. google dodged a bullet here. the fcc found it did not violate rules in ranking it's own sites in search results. listen to what the chairman had to say about this case. >> what we tried to do is follow the law and the facts. and have has a vote to take a relief on a search on patents z then, we took relief in areas so we do our job. that is what we're supposed to be doing. >> google did agree to change some of thegÑgh business practs and will now allow advertisers flexibility to manage with rival web sites agreeing to not file injunctions over standard issue patents in purchases. it and wasn't happy holidays for barns and noble. it's nook tablet revenue fell 12.6% during holiday season. the $311 million. sales were up 13%, but slow saems of the tablet dragged the unit down. numbers weak after an agreement for
.s. carriers meaning united. an emergency 787 landing yesterday convinced two largest airlines to ground the dream liners. that is yesterday. there was smoke coming from the battery area at least the second time that this happened. the faa says it wep will work to get the problem remained. boeing stock stopped 3% after the safety order was announced. >> you're looking at the dramatic rescue of a driver who lost control a truck at fish ranch road. witnesses say the truck appeared to lose breaks on that road, hit a slope, dumped a load of a cut down tree. sky 7 hd was also there. the road is clesd from highway 24 to grisly peak boulevard. >> the wife of a man found shot to death outside of a home in san jose is begging witnesses to come forward to help find the killer. the 34-year-old was found dead january 6th. his death was the first homicide of the year in san jose. he says he grew up there and worked as a barber. she's now a single mother of a 5-year-old girl. >> she is asking for him. and i don't have answers for her. very hard. >> you want people to see something like this. you know?
. >> i will faithty cite. >> the office of president of the united states. >> the office of president of the united states. >> and will to the best of my ability... >> the president took the oath in a private ceremony in the white house, required to take place on this day under the constitution. tomorrow he'll do it again in a public ceremony on the national mall. final preparations are underway for the big public oath. the parade, and two inaugural balls. a member of the presidential inaugural committee says it can be daunting job. >> you want to make sure everything is as perfect as we can make it. >> ama: the inaugural festivities kicked off yesterday. the kid held an inaugural ball of their own with performances by usher, members of the cast of glee and katy perry. our coverage of the inauguration begins tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. with a special edition of "good morning america". we'll a also have streaming coverage at 6:30 on abc7 >> the mavericks international surf competition justed e end but the crowd are still packing half moon bay as we wait to fine out who won. the mas
the constitution of the united states. >> the constitution of the united states. >> so help you god. >> so help me god. >> congratulations, mr. president. >> thank you, mr. chief justice. >> the swearing in will be repeat tomorrow before hundreds of thousands of people. a parade and two balls. our coverage of the inauguration continues at 4:00 a.m. with a special edition of "good morning america" and we'll have live streaming coverage at at 6:30. >> we showed you the shirts and hats being sold all over the bay area. >> ama: nick smith is live with a look at fans already stocking up. nick, are you there? reporter: absolutely. people have stopped us and saying if you're not wearing red and geld, get out of here. so everybody is looking for red and gold. look at video shot a few moments ago. we were at the sports authority south of market. the 49ers victory over the atlanta falcons means there's now a rush for gear celebrating the niners. fans couldn't wait to get their handses on anything red and gold. this sports authority started unpacking t-shirts and caps, recognizing the san francisco
will faithfully execute the office of president of the united states. >> a sea of people stretching down the mall. not as many as four years ago but still more than half a million strong, witnessed the grand ritual that every four years confirms american democracy in a uniquely american way. ♪ glory glory hallelujah >> but this was more than just a celebration. president obama is a president renewed in office by the votes of 65 million americans. he is a president with a purpose. >> my fellow americans we are made for this moment and we will see that so long as we seize it together -- >> this moment, it's more than the pomp and ceremony. for while inaugurations may be full of traditions, obama taking the oath on two bibles one abraham lincolns and one martin luther king jr.'s or the 21 gun salute or the trumpets blowing fanfare, inaugurations tell us something deeper about ourselves and the president we have chosen to lead us. >> we have always understood that when times change, so must we. >> change. this time around that word means something else to barack obama. he used his second inaugurati
police major crimes unit. you can find those numbers on abc 7 >> oakland police arrested a man for shining a laser at our own sky 7 hd helicopter twice while sky 7 hd was covering the officer involved shooting. mr. there, you can seat laser. you can see the man standing and watching the chopper before police take him into custody. these are very dangerous for safety hazards, shining them at aircraft is a serious crime with fines up to $11,000. >> san mateo is looking into the cover over noisy leaf blowing machines. city council members getting an education before making a decision. live from san mateo central park to explain. >> here is a number i found amazing. a city official i talked with said there are nearly 400 landscaping and guardening businesses in san mateo why there are people back there beyond childrens playground yes, they're noisey. yes, there are concerns. but lance escapers say they get the job done efficiently. >> we went back to the rake and broom it would take us much longer. our bottom line would be a lot more, we'd have to kmarj more. >> that could become r
and women are deploying to afghanistan and africa this week. there was a search and rescue unit. some are leaving nim now from moffett field. that is where abc 7 news is live for us. >> they couldn't tell us earlier when they would be taking off. turns out it was just minutes ago. troops and equipment with a stop in between, they can't tell us where on that, either, they're now just on their way, taking special expert ease with them. >> this is the air force version of the black talk -- hawk, today loaded on to a plane to make the trip to afghanistan. the international guard 129th rescue wing specializes in rescuing troops and civilians in any kind of terrain under any conditions, including under fire. 210 members are heading to afghanistan over the course of the week. they'll spend four to six months supporting u.s. troops for many, it's not the first time. it carry twoz pilots a flilgt engineer and two pararescue men. this pilot major is leaving behind a job as an aerospace engineer and three children under age four. she's flown in combat before, and knows what to expect. >> it's ne
returned safely. iran wants to send an astronaut into orbit. the united states is concerned they could use it to develop long-range nuclear missiles. >> families are identifying loved ones after 230 people died when a fire broke out in a brazil nightclub. smoke filled the nightclub in the southern brazil center. party growers grabbed axs to help reach people trapped in the club. firefighters suspect that the fire could have started when the band lit flares on the stage. that ignited the ceiling. a doctor believes most of the victims died from inhaling toxic fumes. >> a couple was on a sightseeing friendship and the plane they were in lost power and crashed into the river. they were wearing life vests and were able to get out of the plane before it sank. they were rescued in 30 minutes. both are hospitalized in stable condition. >> there is new information about the grounding of boeing 787 dreamliner, the national transportation safety board reveals the jetliner that caught fire january 7 had only been delivered to japan airlines three weeks earlier. the fire broke out in one of the batteri
of the united states not of mexico. >> reporter: his real nail name is john stagikas, a 33-year-old who made the leap from real estate to wrestling. and though he is from boston, he is a one-man campaign with a platform based solely on building fences, not bridges. during lunch out of all places a mexican restaurant we're surrounded by the masks of his biggest competitors, including his arch rival blue demon jr. >> you know, a couple times i beat him. i was close to taking his mask. i pinned him a couple times but the decision was reversed and he is still wearing the mask. >> reporter: unmasking the wrestler in the ring is the final act of victory. it has special meaning for brewer. >> the mask symbolizes evil. in the united states if someone puts on a mask it's for halloween or to commit a crime. this mask represents an advantage to them and maybe they are hiding for a reason. maybe they are wanted for a criminal charge. i don't know who they are. >> you associate the mask with being a criminal? >> i do. >> i'm trying to decipher if this is really you or a ploy to sell tickets. >> pro wrest
case unit began reviewing the case, again. evidence led them to this house a person interest of who is interviewed during the initial investigation. police searched this home at that time but found nothing. the unit wanted a more thorough search this, afternoon a cadaver sniffing dog found something in the basement floor. crews began digging through a persian of the concrete. a crew was called in when gone boens were discovered in the ground. source s say a man named kelly lived in the house at the time. but that he had since died. michael sharp has lived next door for fourdjze decades he kw cell yes and roommate. >> never thought they'd do something like this, never. they never showed it. they were calm. they were cool. and everything. >> no trouble? >> no trouble. none. >> so now, the bones we have found in this house are going to be sent for analysis to see if they're animal or human. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> all right, vic we want to ask you, they searched the place 30 years ago why searching again now. >> and according to the search and they did not go into the backyard nor did
is slashing the price because of slow sales and they are building the car in the united states so there is in longer the added cost of shipping the car from japan. >> painting dr. google, a just released survey fines americans are turning to the internet to figure out what medical condition they might have. "usa today" reports the survey found 35 percent of americans use the internet to get medical information and 77 percent start with a search engine look google. those who attempted a diagnosis online were more like throw have a confirmed than disputed by a doctor. the people at blue monday have named next monday january 21 as "blue monday" the most depressing day of the year. the theory is that day is a perfect storm of drab weather, holiday bills, and for gotten new year's revolution that push us to an emotional low. whether there is truth to this is a matter of debate because the man would created it works for a travel company trying to market vacations. >> what a surprise! >> coincidence. now, it is cold outside. here is mike nicco with the forecast. >> colder than it was thi
,000 children have died from a gun in the united states. including the 20 children in newtown, connecticut, killed by a weapon that fired six bullets a second. last week, giffords and kelly went to try to console the families. >> the first couple that we speak to, dad took out his cell phone and showed us a picture of his daughter and i just about lost it. you know, how do we get to the point where 85% of the children in the world that are killed with guns are killed in the united states? that is a sobering statistic. 85%. >> so, that's what changed for you. >> yes. >> you told me before, when i said, are you angry? you said no. it's life. do you still feel that way? >> no. >> do you get angry sometimes? >> yes, yes. complicated. >> they say it is now time for action, common sense change, led by gun owners, too. you have a gun. >> yes, glock. >> you still have a glock? >> yes. >> gabby and i are both gun o own owners. we are strong supporters of the second amendment. >> so, it is the common sense consensus you are going for? >> we are. and i think most gun owners are in the same camp with
'll ever see her again. russia banned adoptions to the united states last week in retaliation for a set of human rights sanctions -- citing the cases of 19 russian children abused by american parents. for kendra, it's been emotional whiplash. >> you're holding your breath and feeling sick to your stomach and you can't eat and you can't sleep. and -- you just got to hold onto something. >> reporter: but after kendra appeared on "world news" last week, tonight, she's receiving an outpouring of support from some of president putin's own people. russians. on the same side of those american parents. many offering to help. "if you want me to get anything to polina, i will buy it on my account, no problem." one person wrote. "forgive us. we can't protect our kids from the russian government," wrote another. >> i've had such an outpouring of love since your story, from the people of russia and it's just overwhelming to me. people that have said, you can stay at our house, what can we do? >> reporter: most of all, they urge kendra to keep fighting for polina. and that's exactly what she plans to
suspicious. firefighters arrived shortly before 5:00 to find the unit fully involved. the man who lived in the unit got out safely. firefighters managed to put out the flames before the fire could spread. and president obama helped in a failed effort to rescue a french citizen in somalia. french forces continue to bomb north of mali. they are not scared anymore. the president added helping the french is in the interest of u.s. security. the hostage is almost certainly dead. >> more problems tonight for boeing's 787 dreamliner. the japanese maintenance crew found problems with the 787 that spilled fuel in boston. also last week there was a fire on a 787. experts say it is jur of w matter of working the bugs out. >> there was something wrong with this plane. there is nothing seriously wrong with the 787. >> we are confident about the safety of the aircraft. but be are concerned about these incidents and we will conduct the review until we are completely satisfied. >> officials believe the lighter and more fuel efficient plane is important to the future of aviation. mendocino county willnt
holding british, norwegian, french and japanese workers. >> the united states strongly condemns these kinds of terrorist acts. >> reporter: the militant group has been linked to a series of kidnappings of foreign nationals for ransom in north africa. they say the attack was in retaliation for the french-led invasion in the neighboring country of mali. the french are trying to stop an al qaeda-linked group from taking over that nation. u.s. officials believe the attack was too well-organized and orchestrated to have been planned since the french invasion. paula? john? >> now, we do know the leader has a bit of a track record. the leader of the group holding the hostages. what else do we know about him, tahman? >> reporter: well, we know this leader is ruthless. he runs an african organized crime network that reportedly has made tens of millions of dollars in ransom from kidnapping and smuggling. his nickname is mr. marlboro. one former captive describes him as very cold and very business-like and a man to be feared. >> all right. tahman bradley in washington. thank you. >>> to th
. >> the president of the united states, barack h. obama. >> reporter: the president emerging, flashing his giant smile, but soon, wiping away a tear, during a stirring performance by the brooklyn tabernacle choir. ♪ his truth is marching on >> reporter: and then all eyes on the president and chief justin john roberts, who flubbed his words four years ago, triggering a second swearing in. this time, the president's hand on two bibles, president lincoln's and dr. martin luther king's, and this time, it was the president who seemed to swallow a word. >> the office of president of the united states. >> and will to the best of my ability. >> reporter: and then, the president's address, just shy of 19 minutes, with a theme of moving forward together. >> my fellow americans, we are made for this moment, and we will seize it, so long as we seize it together. together. together. together. >> reporter: the first president ever to include gays in his inaugural, while talking about the struggle for civil rights. >> for if we are truly created equal, then surely the love we commit to one another must be eq
of claire font yain's art work. she created a map of the united states using 50,000 matches. it was light and create a slow burn, something went wrong. the piece caught fire, flames spread to the ceiling and four firefighters got there and put it out. >> biggest name in consumer tech reported earnings today. >> phones and tablets are hot but profits were kind of flat. >> david louie has the story from silicon valley. >> happening now in, apple head quarters in super -- couper teeno a split decision as apple reported quarterly sales and profits. analysts said some numbers missed the mark. apple's $54 billion in revenue were a whisker blow what analysts predicting, counting more than apple selling a record number of iphones and ipads. analysts worry apple is losing it's edge. >> apple made a and it's hard to top that. >> do you care? >> no. they made it decision free process for me that. is why i'm loyal, i guess in that sense he says the important thing is that customers love their products that. is what they continue to work on. stock price is important bell weather of the kme. almost one
court says face poos has overtaken google maps as the most popular app in the united states. facebook first overtook google maps in september when apple booted google off its new operating sis tismt and taking a look at markets, stocks closed mixed today as the worst slump overshadowing improving economic data. apple a big drag with long with intel and applied materials. and will smart shoes be the next big product at apple? apple applied for a patent involving shoe senseors. it's not the first time, it was granted for embedded sensors in close, interesting stuff. in san francisco, i'm emily chang, back to you. >> i don't need a shoe to tell me when it's worn out. i can look at the shu. i don't need it to talk to me. >> if there is a hole in it, larry? >> yes. it's done, done. >> well we've got the rain. it's not done yet. so some areas are drive. emeryville, sun breaking through clouds from this perspective. we have wet areas as well. let's take a look at the wettest weather. let's take a look at san jose, it has received quite a bit of rainfall for 12 hours or so. a pocket
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to st. francis memorial hospital. it is the oldest burn unit west of the mississippi. >> the first 36 hours are -- or so we are giving massive volumes of fluid. it is not unusual to give one or two liters of fluid per hour. >> he could not address this specific case, but pain is managed with morphine and patients are kept as comfortable as possible during their treatment. he also says that burns to the face typically require about a seven-day hospital stay, but we don't know the severity of burns or if she sustained any other injuries. the last information we have is that they are still searching for derrick oliver -- dexter oliver, sorry. reporting live, thomas roman, abc7 news. >> thank you, thomas. and stay with abc news on the latest for the search for the suspect. we will have updates on our website and the abc morning news at 4:30. >>> not too far from that scene two people were arrested after two cars were set on fire. just before 5:00 this evening in the bay view district witness saws a woman set her boyfriend's car and van on fire. witnesses said the woman came home and found
exposure in the united states. lt. governor's friday night show on current tv is going off the air and moving in another direction. >> an amazing video, a boater came to the rescue when another boat caught on fire. two men doused flames with a spray from their speedboat on a remote lake in new zealand. it took fire trucks 25 minutes to get there and the technique used to put out the fire was "ingenious." >> you work with the tools you have. >> creative thinking gets the job done. >> maybe the fire department ought to use that. officially. >> as a technique? >> everyone should be on speedboat the. >> a reason to buy a speedboat. >> no one would complain. >> and we need what type of music for that? >> music from "indiana jones." >> now the weather advice. coming up on 5:18. and down from the east hills bay camera, look how calm the bay waters are. you can see reflections of the eastern span of the bay bridge. the live doppler h.d. shows at 5:18 and it is dry. now, something serious shows santa rosa, 1.75 mile visibility. look at temperature: 28 degrees. there could be black ice on t
accessible here in the united states and now with the weather worsening in the caribbean that all-out search you mentioned for him is turning frantic. about 100 searchers in planes, helicopters and boats scouring the caribbean for any sign of had is plane. so far not a trace. vittorio missoni, the heir to one of the world's most recognizable design houses, vanished into the caribbean friday. this tiny twin prop apparently dropping into the sapphire waters 30 minutes after taking off and over 100 miles from the mainland. on board missoni who managed his family's fashion empire, his wife and two pilots. it is near los roques fame for its clear water. on january 4th another small plane dropped from the radar, all 14 aboard were killed earlier. as abc news recently learned getting to these remote islands in the caribbean often requires taking these puddle jumpers. missoni made his father a tallian fashion house international. >> trained in special part -- really missoni like my parents did, you know. >> reporter: expanding into asia and the biggest market of all, the u.s. for the launch of the m
is fighting for her life in a hospital burn unit while san francisco police hunt for the man accused of setting her on fire. amy is live at st. francis hospital with the latest. amy? >> her family tells us she is here in critical condition with burns to her face. witnesses say the 25-year-old starr lamare was on fire. she was screaming and running through the streets of the bayview yesterday afternoon and she saw her rip her burning sweater off of her as she was running for help. her family says she got in a fight with her boyfriend at laundromat about the haunt dry. she called him a name and he said don't call me that. she did it again and he tripped her and she said he had to get out, it was over, she left and 10 minutes later she was burned. >> police say the 22-year-old dexter oliver poured gasoline on to starr lamare and set her on fire. they are still looking for him. necessity say he has a lightening beaumont design shaved on one side of his head and a fish on the other side of his hold. they need help finding him. if you have clues give police a call. they will charge him wit
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